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Our Mission

To make our clients truly happy, building Mowology into the premier landscape maintenance company in Vancouver not only for clients but also for the people that join the team.

Our Core Values

Our core values are the drum beat at the heart of our company and all that we do. Our company is as much a living entity in the community as the people it supports. We understand that it is naturally human to not always reach our standards, but by setting them high we have something we can always strive for.

Our Solution

We believe we are a people driven business so by investing in our employees, sharing our knowledge, offering opportunities of certified education and access to profit share we can transform the industry.
  • "Mowology Lawns offers professional knowledge and excellent service for my garden. They are very nice. They did a very good maintenance job and making my garden looks beautiful again. I would like to recommend to all my friends."
  • "Thanks to Mowology I have the only lawn on my side of the block that is not a disaster due to crows digging for chafer beetle grubs. The email informing me when mowing will take place is helpful.
  • "I have been using Mowology for two summers now for lawn cutting. Their service is excellent. Communication from Tim or Nigel is wonderful. Highly recommended !"
    Elijah Fortes
  • "Tim, Nigel, and their team are extremely friendly, professional, and attentive. My wife and I feel very informed about our lawn care, and our lawn looks great! I would highly recommend their lawn care services!"
  • "Mowology Lawn Mowing & Maintenance are very good and very pleasant. I would recommend them highly. I had them for my lawn. They are very organized."
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Dynamically procrastinate B2C users after installed base benefits.


Dynamically procrastinate B2C users after installed base benefits.
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